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The Top Educational Benefits of Playing with Lego’s

What Are Some Benefits Of LEGOs?

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you probably know what LEGOs are. Assembling these little parts to create amazing film characters and buildings has multiple educational and developmental benefits for both children and teenagers. Let’s see what makes LEGOs so good for your kids.

One of the main benefits is the development of lateral thinking and constructive problem-solving. Children learn how to think outside the box, and how to find creative solutions to imminent problems such as the collapsing of a tall tower.

The construction process can also serve to develop the patience and the organization skills of kids and teenagers. Also, whenever things aren’t going as planned, they have to try new ways of accomplishing the goal of completing the task. This can be a good method to train perseverance and resilience and to teach kids to stay patient and keep a high level of motivation even in case things don’t go the expected way. As life is tough most of the times, being able to stand over after a failure is one of the most important traits of anyone who wants to find success in their endeavors to make a good living and to be happy.

The ability to think in 3D is yet another feature kids can develop by playing with LEGO bricks. Spatial intelligence is a must for all those who intend to become construction engineers or architects. It’s never too early to start training these abilities, and LEGOs are wonderful means to do it. Moreover, children who enjoy LEGOs develop problem-solving skills and mathematical thinking. These abilities will serve them later in life, regardless their chosen career path.

LEGO promotes fine motor skills, enabling children to understand how the amount of pressure they apply to a block influences the result of their endeavor. Done repeatedly, this exercise leads to a better ability to control the fingers.

LEGO blocks can also teach children how to cooperate with others, and how to find their place in a team. They learn how to listen to others and how to explain their ideas and their intentions. They also help to develop a sense of accomplishment, while also boosting the self-esteem and the confidence young children sometimes lack. For more information visit our sister site blocks retiring soon.

While all these benefits are rather obvious, you need to also take into consideration the huge fan LEGOs can offer to a child seeking for exciting activities to help them discover the world. Give your kids one of those giant LEGO sets, and you can rest assured they will be busy for a very long time. You may also join them, and watch them improve their skills with every new block they manage to install in the correct position. Such activities will give your children useful skills they are going to benefit from throughout their entire life. The next time they are going to ask you to buy them the latest and the most expensive LEGO kit, consider making an effort, as it is going to be well worth it.